COS is a Product for Purpose initiative. Yes we make amazing skincare that is natural and organic and helps alleviate anxiety, stress, hormonal breakouts and nourishes your skin like nothing else. Yes we source our ingredients from fair trade and ethical farming family communities, and yes we use biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable packaging. But did you know that for every product you purchase, profits from that purchase so into our COS We Care Projects.

What have we done this far with your support ?

  • Donated 200 COS products to the Rural Queensland Fire Service ground crew
  • Supplied Gift cards to families in fire ravaged towns for food and water
  • Sent COS care packs of products to 3 indigenous communities, with borders closed, there are young mums who have no access to basic essentials
  • Mentored and up skilled a group of young adults to gain employment in the beauty industry
  • Donated $500 to plant more trees on the Gold Coast

At COS, we’re on a mission to create ripple effects of environmental and social sustainability, support our youth to achieve and accomplish their goals and support ethically run and Fair trade Indigenous farming communities globally. Why? Because if you have a voice, you have the power to make great things happen, together !