Environmentally Friendly and Safe DIY Home Care

Hello and welcome to this very special edition. We received a huge response to our question…do you want DIY home care solutions?!

We’re undoubtedly all about safe formulations, environmentally sustainable and friendly formulations and packaging and formulations that reduce stress, reduce waste and INCREASE happiness.

So lets get started.

To create an all purpose spray (bench, wall, floor spray) You will need for a 5000ml spray bottle -:

40ml Castile Soap (completely natural derived from olives)

1/2 tsp Bicarb soda

30 Drops of any essential oil you like. You can choose lemon, lavender. I personally choose something that has great antibacterial properties as well as will boost my mood. Any citrus blend is good for this.

(I use oils from a qualified aromatherapist and blender)

Then, to make -:

Combine Bicarb and castile soap in a bottle. Stir gently.

Add oils, stir

Top up with distilled water.


I have also done a video if you’re a visual learner below -:

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Things to remember –

Always label your product with PRODUCT TYPE, DATE, INGREDIENTS

Keep in a cupboard in a cool dry place