Why Your Skin Care Is Failing You

Environmentally Friendly and Safe DIY Home Care

Hello and welcome to this very special edition. We received a huge response to our question…do you want DIY home care solutions?! We’re undoubtedly all about safe formulations, environmentally sustainable and friendly formulations and packaging and formulations that reduce stress, reduce waste and INCREASE happiness. So lets get started. To create an all purpose spray … Read more

Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

What’s more gorgeous than a soft glow on your skin? It makes your face look youthful and healthy. But when that dewy shine turns into an oil spill, well then, it’s a whole different story. If you’re running through blotting paper faster than toiler paper in 2020, you can thank your sebaceous glands. These sebum … Read more

Spring Cleaning, Benefits for your Mind too !

As we bid adiós to winter and bring on the garden parties of spring, it’s the perfect time open the windows, let the soft sheer curtains capture the breeze and declutter. For some of us, spring cleaning seems daunting and downright tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether your pantry’s in a complete shambles … Read more

Celebrating Women in Trades

August is Tradie month. Where we celebrate everything Tradie. We choose to celebrate Women in the Trades. Did you know COS founder, Rebecca Castano-Mander worked in Construction, recruitment to be exact, encouraging and supporting women in construction is very close to her heart. To celebrate Tradie month, Rebecca caught up with two amazing Women. Lydia … Read more

How to Identify Your Skin Type

Have you ever cringed or felt completely awkward when shopping for a cleanser or moisturiser and the specialist asks “what skin type are you?” If you’re nodding yes then this activity is for you. Step 1. Wait 60 minutes after washing your face and then pat your T-Zone with a tissue. If oil rubbed off … Read more

Self Isolation Fitness with Tamsyn Lewis-Manou

Well we are certainly living through very uncertain times. As a big advocate in getting out and about in the fresh air to exercise and to just relax, the restrictions we are dealing with are certainly pushing everyone to their extremes. It’s hard to preach to people to keep fit and healthy when we all … Read more

How to have a Plastic Free Designer Bathroom

Check out the feature story from 1Million Women about how your family can create a designer bathroom and go plastic free. Visit 1millionwomen Designer & Plastic free bathrooms        

C.O.S makes guest appearance on Studio 10

Rebecca was thrilled to be involved in the Studio 10 giveaway