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Our face mask is ideal for stressed, bloated or inflamed skin. Bloating occurs from anxiety, stress and sun damange to name a few.

Apply once a week for 20mins. Our intense formulation ensures deep penetation of Vitamin E along with the nourishing and antiflammatory benfits of Aloe Vera. Our mask boosts blood circulations and aids with regeneration of skin cells.

Skin tip: Apply before bed and listen to some calming music. If you fall asleep with it on, its totally fine.

Here is our suggestion Deep relaxation music



Key Ingredients -:

  • Organic Pure Aloe Vera Gel
  • Lime Oil
  • Bergamot Oil,
  • Orange Peel Oil, 
  • Juniper Oil
  • Pure Vitamin E

Supportive Ingredients

Sunflower and Vitamin C

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Refill & Return Pouch (250ml), 50ml Travel Size, 250 ml