Our Story

COS Organics’ story begins with a kid sporting a ginger mullet (how daring!), rocking curly hair and freckles that’d give Meghan Markle a run for her money. That kid was me – Rebecca Castano Mander, the founder of COS Organics. Given the picture I’ve painted, I’m sure you can guess how my school days rolled. School usually meant trying my best not to breathe while eating lunch in the toilet and walking alongside teachers to avoid unwanted attention. As you can imagine, over the years, my anxiety grew.

Fast-forward to 2019 and as challenging as my school days were, they planted COS Organics’ first seeds, long before we even picked our first lemon myrtle extract. These days, I’m a successful cosmetologist, humanitarian, volunteer, mother, wife and lover of life and nature. By drawing upon my experiences and combining them with my expertise and everything I’m passionate about, I began taking the baby steps that would eventually become COS Organics in 2010 (aka Celebratzio Organic Skincare). At our core is our mission to educate people so that they can choose quality, organic, cruelty-free skincare that is safe for them and their loved ones. We believe that every single one of us deserves to feel gorgeous in our own skin.

So who are we? Our team consists of aestheticians, aromatherapy blenders, beauty therapists, anxiety/depression  councillors and naturopaths. United in our passion for quality skincare products, our experts have worked together to develop a skincare range that contains active ingredients to support you and your skin. And every product in our range is natural, ethical and of course, safe. Regardless of your unique skin concerns, we have a product or two for you!

We’ll let you in on a little secret…

Everyone has at least one skin concern.

Yep, you read that correctly. From the moment our parents welcome us into this world and for the rest of our lives, we live in our skin, which is unique to us. Sadly, from the minute we’re born, we’re taking in pollutants, chemicals as well as toxins – and we haven’t even touched on any genetic skin issues you may have inherited! Now it may not be so difficult to see how we each have our own unique skin challenges that we face over our lifetime.

COS Organics’ product range hasn’t been created or formulated to cure all skin concerns (we’re not miracle workers). However, our range has been devised specifically for hormonal anxiety suffers and people who need a quick mood pick-me-up. So when our team decides to develop a new product, you can trust we’ve committed ourselves to extensive research and investigating what botanicals, herbs and extracts will work in addition to how they’ll benefit your skin concerns. Next up, we test our products on humans. We then take onboard their feedback and hey, sometimes it’s not what we hoped for. So we start the process again. We do this as many times as we need to so that we can perfect our formulas and our human guinea pigs (no pun intended), give us a big thumbs up! Sure, it’s a long and labour intensive process but we’re the real deal and the results speak for themselves.

Let’s talk ethical ingredients

‘Ethical’ – it’s a word that is used A LOT and at times, when it shouldn’t be. So what does ethical mean exactly?

By definition, the word ‘ethical’ relates to an act by a person or business that places high regard on moral principle.

Well, that’s great but how would this relate to ingredients used for skincare? At COS Organics, we very deliberately choose to source our ingredients from local and international farming communities. We are unapologetic about our strict guidelines relating to how and where ingredients are grown and how farmers are treated. Additionally, we ensure our final product is equally as ethical by ensuring our product is as environmentally responsible as possible – from the beginning of the process, right through to the end. From our labels to the ink used on our labels, everything stems from a sustainable resource. We’re also committed to using our brand in a socially responsible way and giving back to the community wherever possible.

So what goes in and what stays out?

Imagine being lost in a forest (stay with us) and you find a berry. You’ve been wandering for hours and you’ve worked up a mean appetite. Instinct may lead you to pick a few berries to gobble down. And then you think it through: that berry could be poisonous… then again, it could be organic. Or it may not be. What we’re getting at here is that it’s really important for us to understand what we’re putting on and into our bodies. We need to know that without a doubt, the organic botanicals, extracts, herbs, butters, oils and any other ingredients used in skincare products, are actually good for us.

Fact: not everything from nature is good for us and sadly, a lot of what is found in nature is being taken and transformed into something not so great. In other words, with every single product bought from COS Organics, you have peace of mind and can trust that it’s organic, edible (please don’t try to eat our products, we can’t guarantee they’ll be tasty) and 100 per cent safe. Plus, any harmful ingredients such as petrolatum, coal tar or oxybenzone (just to name a few), ARE NOT in any of our products. They never have been and never will be – it’s that simple!

We will never support animal testing

No. Just no! Animals deserve the right to live harmoniously and without cages, needles or in captivity. You get the point, right?! We also refuse to export to countries or stock companies that allow animal testing. We test on willing humans and willing humans only (for the record, we do test on ourselves).

What does ACO Certified mean?

A little while ago now, a renowned ‘organic’ company was discovered to be not so organic. That was a huge wake-up call for every industry – we’re talking food, cosmetics, clothing – you name it.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) was introduced as the benchmark for Certification compliance. ACO ensures that nationally and internally, all sectors that identify as offering organic product or services, are 100 per cent compliant, safe and transparent. ACO also has auditors that quality control companies to ensure their claims are honest and in-line with the organic industry.

The lowdown on our active ingredients

We believe less is more. No one wants to pack on a handful of face cream, or smother themselves in so much body lotion that is greases up the bedsheets (gross!). By effectively formulating our products with active ingredients like Vitamin C, E, B12, Argan oil, lemon myrtle and Frankincense (that’s just a snapshot), you’ll go out into the world with a fresh face and save money because you’re not lathering yourself excessively in any one product. Oh, and your bed sheets will remain clean and fresh!

Got any questions about anything you’ve read here or one of our products? Contact us today.