Self Isolation Fitness with Tamsyn Lewis-Manou

Well we are certainly living through very uncertain times. As a big advocate in getting out and about in the fresh air to exercise and to just relax, the restrictions we are dealing with are certainly pushing everyone to their extremes. It’s hard to preach to people to keep fit and healthy when we all have very different circumstances that we are dealing with amongst all this uncertainty. 

 Personally a lot of my work has dried up as it was in the sports industry. My daughters school is shut, which as she had only just begun prep and was really settling in that’s a big disappointment for her. My son is only 2, if anyone has or has had a 2 year old keeping them at home 24/7 whilst holding on to your sanity is a major task in itself.

 I am a glass half full kind of person. I do try and focus on the positive’s amongst the chaos. However, again, I will not preach this as everyone has such varying levels of how affected they are during this time, that I don’t feel its appropriate to implore you to all do the same. I will tell you though, how I am coping as an outdoor adventurous person tolerating the ‘groundhog day’ scenario we currently find ourselves in.

 The first few days of confinement were ok. Kind of a bit of a novelty. Having the whole family together, including my husband Graham who is working from home, was actually quite nice. My friends have joked how Graham and I would cope as we spent the majority of our first 5 years together living in seperate states/countries. Then since we were married we both travel a lot, so they think actually spending time together will be our downfall. Happy to report all is going well. We just know how to respect each others space and also appreciate when the other is not as upbeat or tired. I think being on athletics teams or traveling on the world athletics tour where you would often room with international athletes you didn’t know very well, it taught me a skill to even in a small tiny hotel room respect others space and differences. Even under extreme emotional pressures that racing would place on us.  A home can feel small, very quickly when everyone is living under the same roof for an extended time! And these are certainly stressful times we are living through.

 I need to exercise. It’s where I draw my self esteem from. Luckily at the moment we are still allowed out, which my dog Willow is very happy about. So Everyday I work out a time with my husband, where I can take Willow for an hour walk/run for my sanity! If others are able to get out and exercise I can’t recommend the fresh air enough. I’m not much of a long distance runner. In fact I hate it, I find it so boring. I enjoy varying things up when I exercise. For example today I walked and ran doing interval style training. Walking for around 2 minutes and then running 100 steps faster (counting the steps in my head). I often jog to a hill and do some running reps up hills, or jog/walk to an oval and do circuits with 100m runs between different exercises (eg push-ups, sit-ups, burpees). I’m not obsessive with my exercise anymore. I listen to my mind and body and just go with the flow of what I feel like I need for the day. I think because of that I genuinely love to exercise still. It’s not a chore, it’s me time and I love it.

 I think the most important thing during these varying levels of lock down we find ourselves in, is trying to hold on to good mental health and wellbeing. I find social media can be very draining. Seeing so many peoples ‘perfect’ versions of themselves or the preaching nature of it at times can be overwhelming. It definitely has it’s benefits though in keeping us in touch with each other and also allowing us to feel like we can communicate how we are feeling to others. Having said that it can be addictive. Always looking at the phone, picking it up just to check the same sites over and over. I find putting it away for an hour a day (or more) is good for my well being. 

 In case anyone does feel up for some living room exercise…I thought I’d just let you know quickly what I do to help keep my mind and body ticking over whilst at home. I love putting the watch on timer (30sec continuous)  and then making up 10 different exercises to do each within the 30 second increments…Tip is to try and do each exercise well, so if doing pushups and only get to 15 sec and have to stop then that’s fine, you will enjoy seeing the improvements over the time you do it.

Some example exercise I like including are Push-ups, Crunches (sit ups), Burpees, On ground side leg raises, Calf raises, Step ups, Skipping, Mountain climbers, Side crunches (sit-ups), Squats 

 Good luck with the next weeks and months. Please all stay healthy and safe… Tamsyn x