Spring Cleaning, Benefits for your Mind too !

As we bid adiós to winter and bring on the garden parties of spring, it’s the perfect time open the windows, let the soft sheer curtains capture the breeze and declutter. For some of us, spring cleaning seems daunting and downright tedious, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether your pantry’s in a complete shambles or your wardrobe is a catastrophe, there are ways to fix it.

We caught up with Michelle Anderson from the Tidy Effect and she let us in on some quick and rather simple ways to declutter.

If you haven’t checked out The Tidy Effect, Michelle’s blog, you’re missing out. Always a reliable source for organisational tips and tricks, it’s a one-stop shop for getting your home, office or creative space running more efficiently.

Michelle is a qualified and certified KonMari de-cluttering expert. Her mission is to create fresh and functional spaces,

So why is Spring Cleaning so important?
During winter we hibernate in a way. Stay warm, and do less. So when spring approaches we open our windows, feel the warmth and the birds out and about and really embrace that fresh air circulating. The fresh air changes the feeling and the energy in a house, office, any space. And people feel that energy and they naturally de-clutter.
Before we leave you – here are some tips from KonMari certified Michelle Andersen –
1. De-clutter by Category not room
Sorry, what? (That’s why we thought). This means you see the volume of items you own and pick up on duplicates that lead to excess.
2. Know why you’re doing it. Whats your end goal
Essentially, picture how you want the space to look and feel.
3. De-clutter completely and thoroughly.
Don’t do this half way. Commit. This isn’t a process of cleaning a junk draw or linen cupboard and thinking yay all done. This is serious business. The depths of your house or space. Michelle says “do you feel joy in the artwork on the wall” its that kind of commitment. If you don’t, it goes.
4. Are you sentimental ?
Hands up, I am, you’re not alone. So Leave all of those items to the end. Tackle it at the end. Because by the end of the de-cluttering, your skills would have fine tunes and you will have the ability to make clearer non emotional decisions.
Want to know more about de-cluttering – visit The Tidy Effect