Why cleansing your face is so important

The toxins in the world, the makeup you wear, or the germs you picked up with your hands and then touched your face all add dirt, germs and general muck on your face.

But there is a bit of an art to washing your face, other than remembering to do it. Here are some tips to help you and below, a video from Nerida Joy who helps guide us to the best way to wash your face.

A clean face is a happy face
  1. Use face wash not soap. Soap is hard and will create a harder facial skin
  2. Always fully remove your makeup.  Add a makeup remover before your face wash
  3. Wash your hands first, thoroughly
  4. Don’t exfoliate too often, depending on your skin, once or twice is great.
  5. Wash your face once or twice per day, any more than that strips your natural oils
  6. Try to use water that isn’t hot. Warm water expands the pores and allows the cleanser to really get in there. Cold water closes them up and hot water damages the cells.

Special thanks also to My Simple Remedies for your guidance.